Yogyakarta 4 Days 3 Nights Tour Package

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yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package
yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package


This Yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package is visitting Jogja and Central Java to know Indonesia’s cultural, history and Nature, also do some adrenaline challange and exploration. This four-days tour you will visit the UNESCO world’s heritage Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple, misterious and unclear history Ratu Boko Temple, a centre of java culture Solo City, the last hindu temple Sukuh and Cetho Temples, vertical Jomblang Cave, ride an incredible Gondola at Timang Beach, jeep lava tour at Kali Adem, home of jogja’s king Sultan Palace, royal pool Water Castle and Silver Smith at Kota Gede.


This Yogyakart 4 days 3 ights tour package itinerary is flexible tour program. You can custom beased on your request or changed based on your suggestion, if you have different itinerary, just let us know we will put in the packages.

* Read our Tailor-Made/Custom  Tours Term & Condition here: JOGJA TAILOR-MADE TOURS | REQUEST TOUR


  • Tour type            : Private tours with tickets included.
  • Location             : Yogyakarta and Central Java.
  • Start                    : Jogja.
  • End                     : Jogja.
  • Tours duration : 4 days/ 3 nights.
  • Arrival time       : Morning or daytime.
  • Departure          : Afternoon or the day by your own.
  • Option                : Tour guide or english-speaking driver.


Day One:  Pick up from Yogyakarta Airport – Prambanan Temple – Ratu Boko Temple – Check In Hotel at Parangtritis Beach:

Arrive in Yogyakarta’s airport, meeting service with your English Speaking Driver or tour Guide. They will hold sign with your name, so will be easy for you to find them in airport, just looking sign with your name and our Driver or Guide will be welcome you with friendly smile. Direct tour to Prambanan Temple plain area. Prambanan area itself is known as the biggest single concentration of ancient ever found in Indonesia. Here visiting the main Prambaan temples compound and several other temples such as, Sewu Temple, Lumbung and Bubrah.

Next, continue going up to Ratu Boko Temple located near by Prambanan main temples. It is a large complex of ancient building situated on the rocky hill surrounded by countryside area. Then, Transfer to Parangtritis Beach area and check in at Queen Hotel which has nice view that could make you breathless. Free and easy program at your leisure. Stay overnight.

yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package
Ratu Boko Palace Sunset

Day Two: Solo City Tour – Sukuh Temple – Cetho Temple:

Your trip today will begin after brakfast at 08.00am to Solo City to reach Mangkunegaran Palace which is part of Java kingdom’s history. Mangkunegaran Palace has great art and antique collections. In the museum of the palace you can look at a wide array of authentic and well-preserved historical properties from 18th centuries. They’re not only from Indonesia but also from the other part of the world such as Gold Lion Statues from China,  Chrystal from Czech, Marble from Italy and more. After the Mangkunegaran Palace, you will explore Triwindu flea market which sells antiques and all sorts of bric-a-brac.

Sukuh Temple and Cetho Temple are the next destination. These two sister temples were built around 15th century on the slope of mount Lawu during the decline of the last Hindu Kingdom ( Majapahit ). Firstly you’II be driven to Sukuh temple. The last hidu temple that has strange and unique statues including Yoni and Lingga which are dedicated to the goddess of fertility which displays human reproductive organs in their real form. Then, process to Cetho temple. The last hidu temple that stand at 1495 meters from sea level, this temple has similarity with Balinese architecture that we can see today. They do have historical connection. After that on the way to Yogyakarta. You will then stop at a nice restaurant with view of huge tea pantation that allows you to take picture with amazing background. on the late afternoon Back to hotel Yogjakarta for overnight.

yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package
Last Hindu Temple/Sukuh Temple

Day Three: Jomblang Cave – Timang Beach:

Morning after breakfast at 07.30 am depart to the part of mountainous area in the southern region of Yogyakarta to explore Jomblang Cave. This Cave is a vertical cave characteristics which diametrically 50 m wide with vertical sides varies between 60-80 meters. Because getting enough sunlight, at the bottom some trees grow exuberantly like an underground forest and on karst wall grow shrubs. Lunch served in Jomblang area.

Next heading to Timang Beach to experience the incredible Gondola. Gondola is one spot that is interesting and challenging your guts that should not to be missed. The gut-challenging gondolas are the only means of transportation used by the local lobster collectors to take them from the coral hills at Timang Beach to the neighboring Watu Panjang Island. The view served at Watu Panjang Island is incomparable charm. The lines of the Southern beaches  from Krakal Beach to the twin Turtle Island at Nglambor Beach, can be seen clearly. You can enjoy exotic sunset, the orange sun will sink on the sea. Then, drive to Yogyakarta, Free program, stay overnight.

yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package
Timang Beach Gondola

Day Four: Borobudur Sunrise – Kali Adem – Sultan Palace – Water Castle – Kota Gede:

Early morning we will bring you to the most spectacular and world’s biggest buddist monument complex, Borobudur Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. After administration you leave together with a flashlight to the temple. In the dark you will climb up the temple to the highest level of where you can welcome the sunrise. The upcoming sun will give a special glow on the Borobudur temple and its environment. This will give you a spectacular moment which you not quickly forget. Before the main gates open you can still continue exploring this beautiful temple for its great history and philosophy.

After a small snack and coffee / tea in Manohara hotel. Then, heading to Kaliadem for Merapi Lava Tour. Mt.Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia. Here, you’ll board 4×4 jeep and conquer the rugged terrain of Mt Merapi’s slopes. Watch the smoking summit and feel your adrenaline levels rise as you hurtle by the jeep to the top of the volcano.

Before rach the next destination, you hava time for lunch at local Restaurant. Finish your lunch, and Prepare to visit Sultan Palace or local people call it as Kraton in the center of town as the first object to visit. It is the home of Sultan or the king and still be functioned and well preserved. Then, aroud five minutes from Keratonthere is Water Castle or Tamansari located just behind the palace rear gate. Said, it used to be the bathing pool for the royal family in the past. Next on drive to the Batik workshop to see it is processed and made. We Don’t miss the chance to visit Kotagede to see silver Smith. The end of our service. Then, drive to Yogyakarta Airport.

yogyakarta 4 days 3 nights tour package
Borobudur Sunrise


  1. Air-conditioned private transport with driver.
  2. Fuel, parking fees and location retribution.
  3. All tickets, entrance fees and camera fees for included tour attraction and activities including. ( Borobudur Temple Sunrise, Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko, Mangkunegaran Palace, Triwindu Market, Sukuh and Cetho Temles, Sultan Palace, Water Castle and Kotagede ) Entrance Tickets.
  4. One bottle of 1500 ml mineral water each person, every day.


  1. Personal Expenses.


To book or reserve the above tour, please send us your data as the following :

  • Name:
  • Country:
  • Number of pax:
  • Date of Tour:
  • Pickup location:





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