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sikidang crater

Sikidang Crater on mount dieng gives you different experience becouse it unlike most craters that lies on


Kalibiru National Park offers beautiful nature and views, the park also offers great sunsets and fun outdoor

sukuh temple

Sukuh Temple is the only erotic temple in Java and the last hidu temple that has strange and unique statues including Yoni and

gedong songo temple

Gedong Songo Temple means “nine temples” located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. This temple area is more suitable for people

chicken church

Chicken Church is located in Kembanglimus Village, Magelang, Central Java. It was built by Daniel Alamsjah after he received a divine

cetho temple

Cheto Temple is the last hidu temple built at the same time with the Sukuh temple around the 15th century at the end of the heyday of

dieng plateau

Dieng Plateau temples is a group of  8th century hindu temple and estimated as the oldest Hindu temple in Java. There is no written

kalisuci cave

Kalisuci Cave is an attraction to explore underground river which is the combination of caving and body rafting. In the world, Cave like

merapi jeep

Merapi Jeep – How do you think if you go closer to one of the most active volcano in the world by taking an off road jeep. During the trip

mount merapi

Mount merapi is the most active  volcano in indonesia, as it is locally know is fire mountain. That’s why it is very interesing and popular