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jomblang cave

Jomblang cave is an amazing cave that will offer you an adventure caving tour activity. Inside the vertical jomblang cave you will see

nglanggeran mount

Nglanggeran Mount is an ancient volcano that active about 60 – 70 million years ago and now this mountain is

sri gethuk waterfall

When you arrive at Sri Gethuk waterfall, you can see the most fantastic view like the formation of ravines and steep

grojongan sewu waterfall

Grojongan Sewu Waterfall is the blend between national park and waterfall which located in the slope of Mount

umbul ponggok

Umbul Ponggok is a famous snorkling place in Klaten area. This natural pool had existed since the Dutch era. Inside

For you who love wet and wild adventures, Elo river raffting offers a challenge and beautiful panorama while your

color lake dieng

Visitting Dieng Plateau would not be complete without witnessing the beauty of Color Lake Dieng. Its beauty and

situmbu hill

Situmbu Hill or more known as Puthuk Situmbu is actually another place to enjoy Borobudur temple sunrise

kebun buah mangunan

Mangunan Fruit Garden offers an excellent scenery and fresh air in the early morning. In addition, it is also a

ketep pass

Ketep Pass offers an experience of enjoying a slightly different sunrise. Ketep Pass Magelang is close to Mount