Jogjakarta Travel Guide – Our travel guide is aim to give you the best and most up to date information on the major travel destinations in Yogyakarta. Here you will find places to stay, things to see and do, transport and where to eat. These travel guides will give you all the information you need for your trip so you can travel better in Yogyakarta/Jogja.

Browse our in-depth travel information for great ideas and insider finds, plus smart travel tips that will have you feeling like a local in no time.

1. Yogyakarta Tourism Atraction.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

There are so many things to do around the jogja city that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to plan your holiday. Firstly of course people will think to visit Borobudur & Prambanan Temples. They are beautiful, pretty and most importantly, it is rich (cultural value wise). You can book the Borobudur Sunrise package to experience the gorgeous sunrise on Borobudur and discover golden sunset around Prambanan Temple area.

If you visit Prambanan temple, they also provide this package to have a little tour of “Ratu Boko“, to see super gorgeous sky view as well as the hills, they were bluer than water and greener than Iceberg lettuce. Of course that’s not the only thing to do in Yogya. There are two other favorite places to do Mount Merapi Sunrise Trekking Tour, it offers beautiful views. Another one you must do is Goa Jomblang Tour for incredible caving activity.

jogjakarta travel guideBorobudur Temple

2. Yogyakarta Transportation.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

Public Transport.

Exploring Jogja city by Trans Jogja is a fun thing you need to try. Affordable fare and easy access are the main reasons you should try it. By riding on Trans Jogja, it will be easier for you to travel to various places in city centre. Locals usually use the bus rapid transit system, Trans Jogja, when taking trips within the city.

Operating Hours: 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Other Public Transport.

  1. Giwangan Bus Station – Yogyakarta’s main terminal for intercity buses. Bus routes connect the cities all over Java Island.
  2. Lempuyangan Train Station – Commonly used for economy class.
  3. Tugu Train Station – For Bisnis & Executive class train.
  4. Adisucipto International Airport – Become the smallest international airport in cetral Java but the fouth busiest in Indonesia.

Private & Sharing Car.

If you prefer use private car to go around Jogja, Java until Bali, Here we provide Cars and English speaking drivers that have experiences in serving customers. You can find out more about our service on our Jogja Transport Service with English speaking Driver and Jogja Transport Team.

jogjakarta travel guideTransport Service

3. Yogyakarta Tour Itinerary.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

The town of YOGYAKARTA boasts many sights that will keep you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Let’s begin. Here, we’ve created a selection of travel itineraries for you to use. The various itineraries cover the best Yogyakarta tourism attractions.

We’ve some different Daily Tours to choose, Tour Packages, for you who still confuse what to do after Jogja, then we have Overland Tours Packages, this is will guide you to explore east java Bromo till Ijen. Cruish ship Tours, cruise ship tour is for passengers docked at semarang harborand. If you have your dream trip mapped out in your head but haven’t got any ideas about how to start sorting how to get from one destination to others, then Tailor-Made Tours packages is perfect option for you.

Jogja Tour Option.

  1. Daily Tour.
  2. Multyday Tour | Tour Package.
  3. Overland Tour.
  4. Cruiship Tour.
  5. Jogja Tailor Made | Request Tour.
  6. Borobudur Tour from Semarang.

jogjakarta travel guideTravel Itinerary

4. Yogyakarta Recommended Restaurant & What To Eat.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

Jogja Vegetarian Resto.

In this Yogyakarta travel guide, I’m going to share the best vegetarian restaurants and veg-friendly places to eat in the city. Indonesian specialities vegetarians should look out for include nasi goreng, gado gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce), lotek (similar to gado gado), tahu and tempe (tofu and Soybean) and pecel (mixed veg salad with bean sprouts and peanut sauce).

Milas Resto is one of the best vegetarian resto in the city. The food at Milas is all fresh, organic, homemade and delicious. Not far from Milas, there is ViaVia Resto (veg-friendly) – A popular restaurant on Jl. Prawirotaman (the tourist street). You’ll find Indonesian and world food on the long menu. Each day there’s a different Indonesian special dishes. Recommended resto at the south of Jogja is Jejamuran (mushroom).

jogjakarta travel guide

Another Nice Local Food To Try.

Eating out in Jogjakarta is super cheap, just how Jogjakarta is in general. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to eat I’d recommend some of the must try Jogja local food are Gudeg (for sure), Lotek, Sate Klathak, Sate Petir, Ayam Geprek, Bak Mie, Kopi Joss, humble Angkringan & Lesehan food and many more.

jogjakarta travel GuideSate Klathak

5. Yogyakarta Hotels.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

With tips from this Jogjakarta Travel Guide you’ll have an amazing time during your trip to Jogja. You can find more accommodation ideas on where to stay in our guide to the best 1 Star Hotels, 2 Star Hotels, 3 Star Hotels and 4 Star Hotels in Jogya. We created a separate guide as well for Jogja budget hotel that covers the best Homestay, Hostel and Guesthouse around Jogja.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale than boutique budget accommodations, yet keep to a comfortable budget, Jogja has some amazing 5 stars luxury hotels where you can go for the best of luxury and royalty treatment.


6. Money Changer.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

The rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of Indonesia. There are plenty of exchange facilities all over Yogyakarta main tourist areas, most of them accepting currencies like the US dollar, Euro, Australian dollar, UK pound, Ringgit Malaysia and Singapore Dollar.

– There are 2 reputable money changer in Inna Garuda hotel on Jalan Malioboro near Tugu train station. Barumun Abadi and Mulia Money Changer. Mulia have branch in Ambarrukmo Plaza (near airport) opens until  7 AM – 8 PM.

– ATM/BANK can be found in all tourist areas and at banks in Jogja. Withdrawing rupiahs from an ATM is an increasingly popular way to take out a daily amount of cash, but be careful the bank doesn’t charge an excessive service charge per transaction. Big names of bank that you can use such as BNI, BCA, Bank Mandiri, CIMB Niaga.

– Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express are widely accepted at most large shops, restaurants and hotels in the city. Lots of ATMs also accept Visa & Mastercard.

7. Unique Shopping Market.

Jogjakarta Travel Guide:

A traditional Indonesian market serves as a multi-purpose space in which one may trade or purchase goods, eat and drink, socialise or just pass time. Jalan Malioboro, perhaps the most electric thoroughfare in all of Yogyakarta, is home to the city’s most vibrant markets. Covered pavements are hives of activity; stores offering clothes, fabric, home wears and ornaments battle for custom with street and market vendors selling cheap trinkets and batik.

Visit for instance Mirota Batik, and find yourself one of these traditional Indonesian cloths. The prices are a bit higher than those on Malioboro streets, but the cloths they are selling are more special.

Jogja also has its share of beautiful handmade jewelry and decorative ornaments. Have your pick and visit Kotagede, where lots of jewelry shops can be found.

If you are a Chocolate lovers! Visit Chocolate Monggo Factory, the location is at Kotagede as well- a wide variety of chocolate bars, tablets and seasonal products are waiting for you.

Malioboro Street

Jogjakarta Travel Guide Map:

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