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tugu train station

TUGU TRAIN STATION DESCRIPTION: Tugu Train station located in the city center and as the largest station in Yogyakarta with European-style of the building architecture

lempuyangan train station

LEMPUYANGAN TRAIN STATION DESCRIPTION: Lempuyangan train station is a large station located in the city centre of Yogyakarta about 1 km east Tugu Station. This train station is

giwangan bus station

GIWANGAN BUS STATION GENERAL INFO: Giwangan Bus Station is a main bus station type A in Yogyakarta city. This bus station was inaugurated on 10 October 2004 and capable

yogyakarta airport

YOGYAKARTA AIRPORT GENERAL INFO: Yogyakarta Airport – Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta (JOG) located 8 km east of jogja town. It’s a small international

jogja public transport

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Trans Jogja is the common public transport for local and tourists who are planning to explore Jogja city. You will enter the shelter of trans