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Jogja Cruise Ship tour

We are a licensed travel agent in Yogyakarta /Jogja with experience serving Cruises Ship passenger to Borobudur Temple and Semarang city. Jogja Compass Tours team open bookings for a private tour with propesional services, and as a service that has learned a lot in terms of providing the best to guests. we really know how to serve our guests from the first pick-up, during the tour and until the tour finish, everything is done professionally and extremely flexible.

semarang city tour cruiship passengers

Semarang city tour cruiship passengers – Semarang City Tour for Cruise Ship passengers from Tanjung Mas Harbour is private tour

borobudur temple tour semarang cruise ship

Borobudur temple tour Semarang cruise ship – One day Borobudur Temple tour from semarang port which is a shore excursion  to