Javanese Food Bakmi Jawa

javanese food bakmi jawa
Bakmi Jawa


Javanese Food: Bakmi Jawa – Bakmi java is one of special food, especially in the area of yogyakarta and surroundings. Bakmi java or java mie formerly known as boiled noodle or in the javaness language called mie godhok, cooked with javanese herbs and spices. In abroad such as in singapore and malaysia, javanese noodle known as boiled noodle despite the fact that java has many variations such as fried noodles and even the seller in yogyakarta/java also sell fried rice in the cooking menu.

Seeing the historical background, bakmi jawa originally comes from piyaman, wonosari, gunung kidul, yogyakarta. Which is believed to be the origin of a noodle maker of java. In its development, this traditional cuisine has spread and almost throughout to the territory of indonesia and abroad. The seller also has its own characteristic. They usually hawking their stuff ranging twilight using carts in front of their specific place.

javanese food bakmi jawaFried Noodle


Bakmi Java has its own characteristic compared with other noodles, its becouse of the way of cooking is different from the others, cooked using a cart and the materials which used are local spices and mixed with chicken and tasty broth but if fried noodle isn’t using broth only mixed with herbs and spices. Javanese noodle is very affordable price and suitable for all people.


Bakmi Yogyakarta or Bakmi java is processed with boiled water, cooked by using a concoction of spices typical of Javanese cuisine. So actually noodle isn’t just boiled noodle ( mie godhok ) which cooked by using broth. but mie Java can be served also fried noodle, cooked with spice blend that is almost the same but isn’t using broth and it served dry.

The characteristic of Bakmi Java Yogyakarta is useing charcoal for cooking. Seller makes mie godhok one by one per each serving and don’t cook a lot of orders on one wok. In order to get maximum result from the cuisine’s maturity and perfect mixing spices, cooked in a frying pan that is not too large. After that, the addition spread pieces of chicken meat and duck eggs in cooking.

Yogyakarta’s Javanese noodle vendor start out to sell at afternoon with putting the cart in place that has been determined as usual. The noodle cart’s placement usually choose a strategic place and easy access by people. Bakmi Java is widely spread in the cities of Yogyakarta and Central Java. Actually many noodle vendor in Yogyakarta, which is most tasty and cheap? But it became difficult question to answer because different people is different taste and very relative. 

javanese food bakmi jawaBoiled Noodle


Bakmi java price is quite cheap only: Rp 9.000 to 12.000.


Address: Almost every corner of the city of Yogyakarta you’ll find people with carts and furnace flame


Seach The nearest of your  Hotel  And homestay and of course easy to access.



06 PM – 01.00 AM     (everyday).

*Bakmi Java (Javaness noodle) is cooked by using furnace with charcoal, it doesn’t use a gas fire because the aroma will be different and the ripeness quality will not be perfect..


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