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ratu boko temple

Ratu Boko Temple/Palace is glorious building that was constructed during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran of

prambanan temple

Prambanan Temple, also known as Candi Rara Jonggrang is an extraordinarily beautiful building constructed in the tenth century

plaosan temple

Plaosan Temple Complex is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist culture that can be seen from the shape and structure of the temple, the

mendut temple

Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple which was built by Indra king as a first king of Syailendra dynasty in 824 AD. Inside the temple’s

mangkunegaran palace

Mangkunegaran Palace complex is still function as the residence of Sri Sunan and his royal household that still run the royal tradition


Kotagede royal Graveyard holds important graves that trace connections of Mataram with earlier kingdoms, geneaology of the rulers and

imogiri cemetery

Imogiri Cemetery isn’t just a historical tourist attraction but also used as a religious tourist attraction. As a cemetery of the royal

ijo temple

Ijo Temple is located on a hill named Green Hill of which height is 410 meters above the sea level. Because of this height, you can enjoy

gedong songo temple

Gedong Songo Temple means “nine temples” located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. This temple area is more suitable for people

chicken church

Chicken Church is located in Kembanglimus Village, Magelang, Central Java. It was built by Daniel Alamsjah after he received a divine