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javanese food bakmi jawa

STORY. Javanese Food: Bakmi Jawa – Bakmi java is one of special food, especially in the area of yogyakarta and surroundings. Bakmi java or

coffee joss

STORY Coffee Joss – Angkringan lik man found by lik man or his real name is siswo raharjo. Now the original coffee recipe by Lek Man has

gudeg yu djum

STORY. Gudeg Yu Djum – Gudeg in Yogyakarta started with the construction of Islamic Mataram kingdom in alas Mentaok in Kotagede area

via via cave and resto

STORY. Via Via Cave And Resto – The story of the discovery of via via restaurant and cafe was started in 1994. There was a group of Belgian

milas restaurant

STORY. Milas Restaurant – The founding of Milas resto in Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta, was an acronym of a dream for a long time. The dream to

jejamuran restaurant

STORY Jejamuran Restaurant – Mr. Ratidjo has cultivated mushroom since 1968 when he was assigned to make mushroom seed in Dieng. But in 1997, he decided to quit