Borobudur Sunrise Tour – Borobudur Compounds is Mahayana Buddhist temple and one of the greatest Buddhist monuments, the temple was built in the 8th and 9th centuries AD during the reign of the Syailendra Dynasty that ruled Java for around five centuries until the 10th century. The monument is located in the Kedu Valley, in the southern part of Central Java, at the centre of the island of Java, Indonesia.


Seeing Borobudur for the first time is a very emotional experience. Borobudur Temple is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh. The sun scales the volcano around it, highlights the stone reliefs and many faces of the Buddha.

The sunrise tickets offer a different experience where participants are given special permission to enter the monument early at around 4:30 a.m. before the regular opening time. It takes about 5 minutes walk from Manohara to Borobudur Temple.


  1. Experience sunrise on top of Borobudur temple, see the magnificent panoramic view around the Borobudur.
  2. Discover the incredible history behind its construction.
  3. Explore and learn the mystical reliefs of Borobudur.
  4. Visit two small butdhist temples Pawon and Mendut.
  5. Visit some local crafts such as making process of palm sugar and coffee.

borobudur sunrise tour


03:30 – 04:30 : Pick-up at your hotel in Yogyakarta or another meeting point around the City. Then transfer Manohara hotel inside borobudur area.

04:30 – 05:00 : Arrive in Borobudur then get your Entrance Ticket, toilet, torch, sarong.

05:00 – 05:30 : Climb up to The top of Borobudur Temple to enjoy the sunrise. Sunrise is normally between 05:30 to 06 o’clock.

05:30 – 07:30 : Time to explore the temple after the sunrise to see the relief of the Buddha’s life depicting on the wall of the temple.

07:30 – 08:00 : Return to Manoohara Hotel for Breakfast and coffee break and getting souvenir from monohara hotel.

08:00 – 09:00 : Transfer to Jogjakarta on the way you may stop over on the Pawon Temple there you can visit Pawon luwak coffee, palm sugar making procces. Then, Mendut temple.

09:00 – 11:00 : Arrive back Hotel in Yogyakarta. End of service.


Single traveler

IDR 900.000

Regular package (minimum 2 pax)

IDR 680.000

Family package (minimum 3 pax)

IDR 620.000


  1. Good Air-conditioned Transportation with Fuel.
  2. English Speaking Driver.
  3. Parking fees and location retribution.
  4. Borobudur Sunrise on temple Ticket via Manohara Resort.
  5. Pawon and Mendut Entrance fees.
  6. Nice Breakfast at Manohara Resort.
  7. One bottle of 1500 ml mineral water each.


  1. Personal expenses.
  2. Additional Meals.
  3. Local Guide at Borobudur Temple.


  1. Shorts, mini-skirts, short skirts, are NOT ALLOWED.
  2. Make sure you wear long pant and skirts lower than your knee.
  3. Sandals or flip-flops are allowed. We suggest wearing shoes, which are comfortable for walking, and are easy to be worn and taken off.
  4. If you come to Borobudur for sunrise. Please make sure you wear sweater, because it will be cold in the early morning.
  5. If you read any sign says “don’t climb” or “don’t sit here”, Don’t try to climb or sit on the stupas at Borobudur temple.
  6. For the Borobudur sunrise activity, you need to bring and submit a copy of your valid passport / ID card.
  7. Hotel pick up and drop off are available only for hotels within Yogyakarta city
  8. You’ll visit Borobudur Temple to see the sunrise and sightseeing the temple, though, if you want to explore it, you can hire an English-speaking guide to accompany you to explore Borobudur temple (optional)


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